high tide candle

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The aroma of salty air, sand and waves rolling on the shore come together with this clean scent. Top notes of lemon, orange, and fresh ozone give way to a heart of briny sea salt and a hint of jasmine. 

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Citrus
Middle: Sea Salt, Jasmine
Base: Violet, Cedar, Powder, Light Musk


6.5oz Candle

  • 100% Soy Wax
  • High Quality Fragrance Oils
  • Lead and zinc-Free 100% Cotton Wick
  • 6.5 oz. Net Weight
  • 30+ Hour Burn Time
  • Best for small rooms like a bedroom or bathroom.

16oz Candle

  • 100% Soy Wax
  • High Quality Fragrance Oils
  • Lead-Free 100% Cotton Wick
  • 16oz Net Weight
  • 65+ Hour Burn Time
  • 3wick 
  • Great for open and bigger spaces like your family room

 Some normal characteristics of soy candles:

  • Frosty appearance of the top of the candle
  • Lack of adhesion to some areas of the glass surface may occur
  • Formation of bubbles and little craters on the top